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Found some lost threads over at filefront

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Found some lost threads over at filefront

Post by El Dragon » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:05 pm

Well folks was looking at all my old attachments over at the original wild west forums and though all the older files are no longer viewable it seems that threads with attachments in them are. Below are some of my threads with useful info in them:

I strongly recomend others that had an old GF/FF account to go to their User CP and look at attachments to possibly find other wild west threads that may have important stuff.

1.6 Guide pages
http://forums.filefront.com/wildwest-su ... pages.html
Screenshots and routes for the various maps that came out with 1.6. I've overviews for all maps exept Battlecreek as I couldn't get an arial shot of it due to the fog.
Images also label which objective flag goes to which objective.

Aerial Photos
http://forums.filefront.com/wildwest-su ... hotos.html
Aerial shots of many of the maps for 1.6 including train without fog.

Tunes to Play Wild West to
http://forums.filefront.com/general-wil ... -west.html
Not sure how many of the links are still active but the attached files are still valid.

Not so useful but fun non the less:
Shots from one of my gaming weekends (and creative captioning by forum members)
http://forums.filefront.com/el-drab-sal ... 005-a.html

Shots of what my gaming screen typically looks like. (old days with teamspeak, wildwest music player and game all going at once.)
http://forums.filefront.com/el-drab-sal ... fun-d.html

Post showing actual Volley gun (and a photo chopped image of my ausi tester and one of his toys)
http://forums.filefront.com/el-drab-sal ... ost1807859

Lastly 2 threads of what issues I had to deal with with my older computer system and issues testing the game:

Old computer system creating psycodelic gaming experiance:
http://forums.filefront.com/el-drab-sal ... c-60s.html

http://forums.filefront.com/wildwest-su ... alamo.html

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Post by Ringo » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:16 pm

where is deadeye the old gopher ?
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