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Client unknown to auth error

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Client unknown to auth error

Post by wwbiteme » Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:10 pm

In case any of you get this error this is helpful information.....

Here is what Activision has to say about this error:

The CLIENT_UNKNOWN_TO_AUTH error message is caused by a problem with the connection between your computer and the server you are trying to join. The most common reason for this problem is the use of a router, proxy or firewall on one of the two machines.

Be sure that your computer is not behind a software or hardware firewall of any kind. This includes firewalls built into routers or other equipment, as well as programs like Zone Alarm, Black Ice, and the integrated firewall in Windows XP. Activision does not support the use of our games from behind a firewall. If it is not possible to disable the firewall you will need to open the ports for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Return to Castle Wolfenstein transmits and receives network traffic on ports 27950, 27960, 27965 and 27952 using both TCP and UDP. The exact details on opening these ports is specific to your firewall. For more information check with the firewall documentation or manufacturer.

If you are using a router you may need to disable the device before you are able to freely connect to servers. Also, machines using a shared internet connection through ICS, NAT, SyGate, WinGate or other software routers can experience problems. If disabling this is not an option you may be able to get around it. Activision does not support these types of connections, but you may be able to get some useful information from www.practicallynetworked.com.

You may also receive this error if you are moving rapidly between different servers. The Master Server keeps a record of your CD Key, IP address, and which server you're in. If you leave a server then jump into a new one the Master Server may see this as multiple uses of the same key. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to wait 5-10 minutes before joining a new server, especially if you've been dropped from the previous server due to a connection problem.

Sometimes it is helpful to just try joining a different server. If the server hosting the game is misconfigured or using any of the sharing methods above the CLIENT_UNKNOWN_TO_AUTH can occur as well. We have found that just moving on to a different server will usually clear this problem up in a few tries.

Make sure you have TCP/IP bound to only your Dial-up Adapter if you are trying to connect to the internet via dial-up modem.

Sometimes simply rebooting your computer or power cycling the external modem can resolve this issue.

Make sure you have the network setting set correctly in the game.
1) Start the game
2) Click on Multiplayer.
3) Ensure the right Connection Type is selected for your internet or LAN.

If you are on a dynamic IP connection try renewing your IP address.
Windows 9x/ME
1) Click the Start button > Run.
2) At the prompt type WINIPCFG.
3) Once in the IP configuration screen, click Release All.
4) Click Renew All.

Windows NT/2000/XP
1) First launch the Command Prompt.
2) At the command line type "IPCONFIG /RENEW".

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