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New Job

Post by Slimeboykill » Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:49 pm

Hello guys, i totally forgot to warn you all that i have started up game designing!

I signed on at a company named Mojang lets say about a month ago! - http://mojang.com/

I am currently helping develop a game called Scrolls, also helped with some ideas for Minecraft a sandbox game! (Worth trying nice game)

At first we thought that we could not name our game Scrolls as Bethesda Studios took us to court with copyrighting the name -_-


After we beat them in court they still didnt accept, so we offered them to a game of black ops (3 rounds) And the winner gets what they want :p

We luckily won it was 6 v 6, and all i can say is that Bethesda can fuck off!

Anyway so thats why i havent played for a long time as i am game developing!

SCROLLS - http://scrolls.com/
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