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Servers Q & A

Having problems running a WildWest server or setting one up? Well what are you waiting for?

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Servers Q & A

Post by Ringo » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:36 pm

Ahem ,

since its been a while for my status updates so. id thought id give some answers:

Q : deploy time , on servers other then the EU is different up to 30 seconds must i wait !!
A : this is game default , wildwest original rotation files have been set in the past ... some servers have modified this

Q : what is fun-mode ?
A : funmode is a custom setting which allows the game-speed to be altered , jump height , gravity , some settings are noticed to users when altered .. some are not..

Q : i cannot connect to certain servers using the WWscanner
A : the scanner holds a different WolfMP version other then the original 1.4 patch, in other words the server expects a version the computer does not have ..

Q : some servers kick me when i use a certain gun
A : on rare occasions the gun is just to powerfull to revive people (ull explode when hit correctly), making the doc class rather useless ..some servers have this disabled ..

Q: i want to host my own server
A : get alot of RAM, FAST disk SATA / SCSI ( non laptop) , a big internet connection , and prefferably a static ip, wolf was designed for running on a pIII , but thats a minimum

Q: there are alot of CL / SV settings what do they do?
A : CL means client , SV_ server , every player needs other settings .. google around for a wolf config or settings explained ..

Q: whats punkbuster ?
A : punkbuster is anti-cheat software to prevent users exploiting certain flaws in the code .. since rtcw 1.4 is not supported anymore , there will be no-more updates .. however it does check against old flaws and prevents them from beeing executed.

Q: is there bot support for wildwest so i can practice ?
A : no , i believe cpt-queeg once tried to implement it but it requires alot of work and remake of all the maps ...since there is nothing telling where the bots can go .. at best the bots remain @ spawn

Q: im experiencing alot of lagg on my connection
A: try to see when it happens by using the lagometer /cg_lagometer 1 ( or cl_lagometer 1 )

- to be continued ..........
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