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IP trace

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IP trace

Post by Ringo » Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:43 am

just another night , a "stranger" pops in on the EU server..

an admin asks : how is the weather over there (countryname)

the stranger replies : "why do you trace my ip?"

wow , timeout ..
in this case the admin was hijo , the stranger was riptide ..

ill clarify : your ip is traced , for admin use only , no mention of ip's is generated on the console and only responsible people have access to that info .. what we do with that info ? , just to see if friends are online nothing more nothing less.. this community is small , it might never get bigger is it relevant ? .. both cases no .. everybody just wants to play .. people should relax some more ... hijo is the most relaxed admin i have ever seen .. he always has a big smile when playing
( current admins both servers : hijo , biteme,zivs,ringo )

Q - if its not relevant then why trace ? .. (multiple choice here )
A1 - security , why leave your car unlocked ?
A2 - a long lost buddy who might be re-interested but needs a push
A3 - we're collecting country names where we can have wordgames with
A4 - on a very rare occasion zivs wants to send his Azis videos

but my answer : your connecting to a property made available by "US" , protecting this property and its users using this property (including yourself ) is a task for the administrators of the server.. since banning users is not our cup of tea (exceptions are hacking, flooding), we (hangemhigh) feel that a trace of a user is a bare minimal of security
in protecting the server and its users.

we're always open to debate anything
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Re: IP trace

Post by zivs » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:21 am

First we scan your IP's, then we will scan your bank accounts! MWAHAHAH! :twisted:

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