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Light issues

More or less everything you want to know about mapping for WildWest.

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Post by Ringo » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:47 pm

Hewster wrote:Just a quick reply here...

If you look at the torch lights in the "cave" bit of town, I put 4 light entities....
"please forgive if this explanation is not 100% correct ... its been like 7 years !! lol)

1) the DLight (simply for a flickering "dynamic" light, that works in-game.. ie.. not taken into account during the map compilation

2) A normal light with a fairly short fade, for showing basically the light in the lightmap (used during compile time)

3) A normal light with a long fade, to give an "ambient" light effect (I hate using a general ambient, so use normal lights dotted around where I feel they are needed)

4) a Light Junior, this is used to add light info to the LightGrid (used to light dynamic models in game, ie players)

I would suggest making test maps and playing with the above lights to get an understanding of how they are best used (Its how I learned, and its something that cannot be taught :) )


( hew where is the phun if people dont read :) give him something to ask )

heh , thats what said , in general though it all depends on sky ! a night map will have a hell of a lot light_entities
then a full bright map .. thats why the west is flooded with day maps .. the light on some maps its just drama just to get right.. but worst is to recompile again again again

and before u know it all of your nicely brushed terrain work look as a toxic nebula ..
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Post by El Poncho » Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:27 pm

Ringo wrote:
and before u know it all of your nicely brushed terrain work look as a toxic nebula ..
That's the idea, because I need to cover up my lack of terrain skills... :lol:
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