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What about Cheating

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:06 pm
by Ringo
Well now , it has been ages someone accused me of cheating ..

from day one of this mod i have never cheated and never will.. if anyone is saying otherwise then go have a chat here
not in game , futhermore certainly not leave your team mates , joining the other team and then shooting me..
i kicked "arlene" / warfield of the server for that reason .. i have not kicked him for
- his claims that i was to be cheating
- his claims that im using a rate script
- his constant moaning
- his tone of setting rules ( there are a few rules , dont camp the spawns , if u join late always join the attackers when in doubt ask someone .. and dont leave mid-game)

dude if u have something to say ,, then say it here .. instead of the sunday game time
i know your frustrated with your connection , your pc , your life in general and everytime u miss a shot .. take a breather and sing kumbaya , join zivs on skype
have a good stroke on old yella .. keep faith that u once will have a better ping and you will shoot me , u are the better player then me .. alot are
i just have a nasty 30 ping vs your 175 .. or use the hijo / gravedigger method .. blow yerself up :P

taken this ping GAP .. i recommend some different settings on EU server for USA people maybe Shitkicker can aid here .. using some settings since im not an usa resident to test this ...

every SA player :(gunte version ) is playing at a 25000 rate , this is a non-standard rate , if u do not know what rate is ..
then here is a quicky ! every command is used from the CONSOLE with ~ key

seta cl_maxpackets "100"
Sets number of packets sent to the server. If your connection is up to it you should increase this as much as possible. More packets sent to the server per second means more accuracy. "100" is maximum allowed by Punkbuster. See what works for you.
( this is an ET-standard , WW was shipped with rates way lower . )

seta cl_packetdup "1"
If enabled, send multiple packets to compensate for packet loss. Unless you have a really good connection you'll want to makes sure the server knows what you're doing by sending multiple packets. If one gets lost along the way because the connection fucks up, the other will still be able to tell the server how good you are.
( this is an ET- standard .. untested in WW )

seta rate "25000"
Sets bandwidth in bytes. Tells RTCW how much bandwidth it may use to communicate with the server.Higher is better, but you need broadband in order to do that. Most servers have this capped at 25000. This is not so true in 1.0-1.1 but unless your running something major like 3mbit or above cable.. leave this around 25000
( this is an ET-standard , WW was shipped with rates 5000 )

seta cl_timenudge "-10"
Lower this if you have high ping. Playable range from 0 (LAN) to -50 (horrible connection). Usually the RTCW client waits for two world-updates from the server to extrapolate an accurate depiction of the situation in the game.By entering a negative value here you tell the client to use the information somewhat earlier.It decreases accuracy, but potentially lag as well. Never enter a positive value here unless you want to simulate Internet lag.
( this can cause serious trouble when in doubt use 0 )

some may work for you or some wont .. some make it harder to play .. but all is for NETWORK ..

cheerio !

Re: What about Cheating

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:04 am
by wwbiteme
Good advise Ringo!! Didnt know some of these and Ive been playing for many years...gonna see if they help....

Re: What about Cheating

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:30 pm
by zivs
Some time ago I did manage to reduce my ping on US server from around 160 to something like 120-130, which is significant enough to start enjoying the game. Also, variation between those [settings] might help reducing constant lag spikes which some of US players probably have. :roll:

Re: What about Cheating

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:43 am
by Ringo
i propose a connection test setting , and maybe having hewster around to fix some issues .. do not get me wrong :

the anti-lag code inside wolf 1.4 is based on dial-up / ISDN ,and if im not mistaken there also is a function trueping , if hewster is reading this .. and i think he will , why not copy the settings based off ET ?

some settings are a minor fix for in a new executeable :)

eg : max_packets , max_fps , rate , snaps , cl_timenudge