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Post by Ringo » Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:35 pm

howdy folks ,

recently , our ip range of servers have been under heavy DDOS attacks ,
and for that reason i have decided to swap datacenters

the current location of the datacenter is not far from the new datacenter
but it will be more stable and more reliable for you to game , secondly , the ping should increase drasticly since we are no longer bouncing of the UK television network and the new datacenter has a direct peer-ring with USA uplinks so gaming should be alot more fun

change to a new datacenter is not an easy task , and it will envolve some downtime since the gaming servers has to be moved from one DC to another , ill try to move them all in 1 weekend ! :)

anyway the move has effect on the following :

- the EU server1 will be down for atleast 4 hours on a saturday
- the EU server2 will be down for atleast 4 hours on a saturday
- the Teamspeak server will be down for atleast 4 hours
- the Forum will be down also for heavy upgrades
- the master server ( which is down currently) will be back up!

last but seriously not least , the ip range will change
i stronly advise people to connect to the hostname , which is

EU.THE-WILDWEST.EU , ill post ip links on the forum once the move is active
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