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Server trouble

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Server trouble

Post by Ringo » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:21 pm

lately , there are a few bugs

extremely buggy , and not really realtime , this is really my bad .. sorry for that

the EU server runs on VMWARE x64 , with more then 256GB ram , more then 8x8 cores per server , and it turns out .. it seriously sucks

after 3 years on vmware 4.x/ and 1 year on 5.x ive updated everything to vmware 6.X , and its not getting better

to explain a bit , wildwest is a 32bit app , which is capable of virtualisation but not very stable , so i will downsize it to a dedicated server

meaning .. i have to get older hardware to make it function .. because ww is based on rtcw , i might need to drop down to seriously old hardware .. but its for the better for the game

ill keep yall posted
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